How To Create an Event Lounge Space

Have you ever attended a multiple-day, fast paced conference? By 2 pm did your head ache with information, were your face muscles tight from smiling, perhaps you daydreamed of a comfortable chair? I’ve always wondered why more events don’t offer a lounge-type space, similar to those at airports, for their attendees. What might a lounge include?

•    Comfortable chairs
•    Finger food
•    Coffee
•    Cold drinks
•    Wi-fi
•    Charging stations for phones/laptops
•    Chair massage
•    Large screen televisions
•    Notepads/pens

Consider adding touches to your lounge area that echo the theme and location of your event. For example, if you’re meeting in the south, your finger foods could include  biscuits with local honey, and iced sweet tea.

If your event is fairly small, you might be able to provide a lounge like this for all your guests– but opening one for a large group would be cost (and space) inhibitive.  Consider offering the lounge as a perk to people who pay a higher registration fee, or charge a daily or hourly rate.  If you open the lounge to a certain group of people, put an indicator on their name badge to help staff quickly identify guests who are allowed to be there.

A lounge can be a great place for people to relax or connect while not straying too far from the event hall.  This is an especially good idea if the conference hotel is more than a short walk from the event itself.

If creating a lounge isn’t practical or probable at your next event, perhaps you could scale back the concept by simply providing an open area with comfortable furniture. At Ridgecrest we often see our guests utilizing lobby couches and chairs, and porch rocking chairs as a place to relax and have more lengthy conversations with other guests or speakers.

Do you create limited access lounge areas at your events? If so, what do you include and how do your guests secure entry?

Your Thoughts?