Resource Table For Your Events

I was at an event recently that constantly pushed the resource table.  I understand this as you want to help sell some product for your speakers.  And your speakers like this as it helps with additional income.

You have to assume your attendees are smart enough to find their way to the resource table.  So how do you push the resource table without becoming annoying?

Mention it at the first break of the morning, but don’t bring it up again for a while.  During this break, the attendees will wonder by and take a look at these resources.  Some may purchase then, but some might wait until a later time to make a purchase.

Look for strategic ways to mention the resource table that work within your plan of the event.  For instance if lunch drives people away from the resource table, don’t mention it.  That might mean only breaks will work, and that’s ok.  Again, your attendees are smart enough to figure out were the resources are located.

Bundles are a great way to encourage purchasing.  The event I attended offered a bag with a mix of resources, along with bonuses, at a special rate.  All of the artists I manage are encouraged to bundle product on their resource tables.  People like to feel like they’re getting a deal, and bundles are a great way to accomplish that.

Price point is key with a bundle.  One of our artists sells the first CD for $15 and each additional for $5.  The consumer looks at that and thinks they’re getting the second CD for 75% off!  The cost to the artist is minimal because in affect, the consumer has purchased both CDs for $10.

I like to read my books digitally.  At this particular event, I perused the various books at the resource table, and then went back to download samples to my device.  I would have liked to have been offered books, book samples or digital bonuses in exchange for my email address.  This one is a little tricky, but doable.

How have you worked the resource table and found success?

Your Thoughts?