Using Volunteers And Interns At Your Event

As you get closer to your event’s date, stress for your whole team goes up. Lots of last minute tasks get put on your to-do list. What’s a great way to help get you and your team’s last minute tasks completed? Add volunteers and/or interns to help.

Let’s start with volunteers.

Volunteers can be a great way to utilize free help.  How do you find these people?  Put out a call on your event’s website, through social media or at your event for help.  Fans will typically be willing to step up and help wherever and however needed.

How do you pay these people?  Most will be happy to work for free, but one way you could pay them is with free swag.  A t-shirt, hat or free piece of product can go a long way.  If you really wanted to go out, you could offer free or half off admittance to your event.

Volunteers can have a wide age range.

Now let’s take a look at interns.  Interns are another great way to utilize free help.  This group is probably working towards college credit, and is in that age range.  View this group as your Timothy’s.  They probably want to be like you when they “grow up.”  The interns that I’ve worked with I’ve always tried to include in every day-to-day meeting and have made them be a part of the company.

The great thing about interns is they’re not looking for pay because the college credit is enough.  But again treat them right, give them some swag and make them apart of your event.

One thing to remember: our goal here is to help alleviate stress.  As you add volunteers and interns, you’ll want to look for self-starters that can dive in and take the bull by the horns.

Have you used volunteers or interns for your event?  How have they helped with your last minute tasks?

Your Thoughts?