Working With An A/V Company

Every event has some sort of audio and visual (A/V) needs. Picking the right one can make or break your event.

Choosing the right one for your event can be a process. How do you do that?

  • Step one: Find a company that is close by your event. Working with one a few hundred miles could be your only option, but if it’s your primary, you will have transportation costs on top of standard rental fees.
  • Step two: Once you’ve found a company you’re ready to work with, ask for references. The last thing you want is for them to show up having over promised and under delivered. If they don’t have any references, they’re not a very reputable company. I would move on to another company.
  • Step three: Communicate ALL your needs up front. By this point, you have all the riders in front of you from bands and speakers. Hand those over to the A/V company as they’ll be able to interpret all the technical jargon for you. Don’t forget your needs for breakout sessions. And never assume the A/V company will have something on their truck.  They’re not mind readers. At this point in your communications, give the A/V company the events schedule. This will help them plan necessary equipment and technicians being in the right place at the right time.
    One other minor thought about communicating: if your event has a dress code and you would like the techs looking a certain way, be sure to mention that early on. Since these techs have to crawl and climb to setup lights and speakers, they may be dressed in shorts. That may or may not work for your closing banquet, for example.
  • Step four: Be ready to pay A/V company when they get on site. This varies from company to company, so be sure to have this coordinated early on.

A reputable company will know what they need to do to make sure your event comes off successfully. Trust them.

How do you work with your A/V company? Any hidden secrets you’ve discovered?

Your Thoughts?