Cherry On Top: 7 Extras For Your Next Event

When I plan an event I’m aiming for a particular sweet spot of experience for my attendees. I want to carefully weave what they need to take away from the event with personal care.  Often event planners focus so much on what they want from their event attendees, they forget to care for them as people.  How might you tend to those who come to your next event?  Here are a few ideas.

  1. Enclose a prayer guide for the weekend in their registration materials.  If applicable give them directions to an area (chapel, garden, overlook) that would lend itself to quiet reflection and prayer.
  2. Provide running routes.  Many people love to run or walk outdoors.  Giving people a few scenic and safe routes helps them fit in some healthy activity while away from home.
  3. Compile a list of area restaurants and shops.  Ask locals where they’d send their family while in town.  Type up a short list of proven spots, including a short description and mileage to each.
  4. Hire a masseur.  Invite one or several professionals to offer chair massages during event free time.  You can pay them, or they can charge a reasonable rate. Goodbye tense travel shoulders, hello relaxation.
  5. Make a van available.  Is there a local attraction that many people hope to visit?  What if you provided a van and driver for a quick visit one afternoon or evening? This eliminates travel stress and allows some group bonding.
  6. Specialty Coffee. Oh, how people love their tall caramel double macchiatos. Hire a barista and watch a long line form.
  7. Advertise an exercise class.  Consider your facilities and then find a professional to lead a yoga, spin or interval fitness class.  Your attendees can let go of stress and have some fun.

These are just a few ways you can help your attendees take care of themselves.  Giving them some time to exercise and relax will energize the listless and give you healthier, better focused attendees.

Your Thoughts?