Adding Google+ To Your Social Media

We recently added a Google+ page to the Social Media Toolkit for Ridgecrest Conference Center.  Add RCC to your circles here.

We did this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Google+ is owned by Google, obviously, and content on those pages is looked on very favorably by search results.
  2. Recent data has shown that Google+ has 343 million active users, which is second to Facebook and more than Twitter.

Because of these two reasons, I would highly recommend event planners look to create Google+ pages for your events.  Setting these pages up is very easy.

  1.  Make sure you are logged in to GMail or the Google profile you would like to associate the page up with.
  2. Visit Google+ Business here to setup your page.
  3. Add as much information, pictures, events and posts as possible.  Google really likes a complete profile page for best search results.

Most event planners are probably concerned about managing another social media platform.  I completely understand those feelings, and if this was anything but something that is so highly tied in with search engine optimization (SEO), I wouldn’t recommend you creating a page.  We’re talking about Google here, and they’re always adding and changing the rules of SEO.  This is an easy way to play along.

Are you using any program to manage your current social media platforms?  If you are chances are, adding Google+ will be easy.

If you’re not, check out  There is a free version that will allow you to post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and others at the same time.

A Google+ Page will create value for your event, if used correctly, and adding content is one of the keys.

Have you used Google+?  What results have you seen?

Your Thoughts?