3 Event Must Haves

I attend a lot of events, and work with event planners for our acts.  This gives me a unique opportunity to observe different events, and to also critique these events as well.

I’ve started a mental list of “must-haves” for events to be successful, and I wanted to share three of them with you today.

  1. Wifi. Having wifi is a must.  But not just having wifi, but being able to handle all your attendees as well.  This was something I wasn’t aware of, but did you know wifi routers can be limited to the number of people who can get on the Internet?  This setting can be changed to unlimited but by default is capped.  When department stores like Target and JCP are offering free wifi, your event must have it!
  2. Sound And Lighting.  Us Artist Managers are always concerned about the sound and lights at events.  Mainly because we want our artists to be seen in the best light, so to speak.  Making sure you have the right sound and lights for your event is important.
  3. Social Media Use.  Being a social media guy, I love see hashtags in use.  When I see that, I want to Tweet or Facebook about what I’m seeing at the event.  I saw one the other day that was perfect: the hashtag was on the bottom right hand corner of the screen showing video.  Very similar to how TV networks are using hashtags.  Including a Twitter feed during breaks is another way to incorporate Social Media.

I didn’t mention speakers or artists because those, in my opinion, are a given.  I’m probably not at your event unless I’m attracted to the right speakers.

These are three of my event “must-haves”.  I’m curious what would be on your list.  And also, what have your attendees put on their “must-have” lists?


  1. Liz Sloop says:


    Love this and I set up a Facebook page for our Weddington UMW retreat today! What I want to know, are there pics of Ridgecrest I can use on our page to promote our event?

    Liz Sloop
    Weddington UMW
    Weddington NC

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