Lighting For Your Events

You’re perception of lights is probably that yeah you need some, but you don’t really know how much or what kind of lights that are needed for your event. Just like sound lighting is a specialized area that is important not to leave out. Lights can enhance an event or make it plain blah.

When you’re planning your event, here’s a few things to keep in mind for lights:

  1. What kind of talent will you have at your event? If the event only features authors or speakers, then your event might be able to get away with a spotlight or two. But if you’re having an artist or band, bringing in more lights is very much encouraged and needed to make their time special. (Side note: The act should have a rider that spells out lighting needs. If you did not receive one of these, asking the booking agent you worked with for one.)
  2. What is your budget? Sure you want your event to look fantastic with fancy movers and an LED wall, but that’s going to cost some money. Do you have the budget for that? More lights equals more money.
  3. What do you want the stage to look like? That’s a big determining factor for lights. If you’re going for something dark and moody or you want something bright and cheerful, you need lights that reflect that attitude you’re trying to achieve.

We’ve talked before about communicating your needs to your sound engineer, but discussing light needs with a great LD (lighting designer) is just as important. When you have an idea of what you want your event to look like (number 3 above), communicating that to LD will help you fulfill your needs. Those LDs will have experiences that could even lead you down a different path.

What has been your experience working with lighting designers in the past?

Your Thoughts?