For What It's Worth…Was It Worth It?

Your event is over and you’ve (mostly) recuperated from the physical and mental demands of planning and holding your event.  Was it worth it?

Here are three key factors to consider when answering this question:

  • Results: Was the event’s purpose (which is likely aligned with the organization’s purpose) achieved?  For a Christian event, were the spiritual purposes of the event accomplished?
  • Feedback from attendees:  Consider both anecdotal and more formal responses, like surveys, that you requested.
  • Financial Outcome: In this area, the bottom line is, well, the bottom line.

Whereas secular events don’t hesitate to include all of the above factors when assessing an event’s worth, sometimes Christians are hesitant to consider the financial outcome because it doesn’t seem as spiritually-focused as the others.

In our office, we always consider the financial outcome along with the first two factors once an event concludes.  We do this not only because we are part of a self-sustaining ministry that must fund itself through business principles, but also because the Biblical principle of stewardship encourages us to use our funds, time, and talents in a wise manner.  “It was worth it all if only one life was changed” has merit, but so does considering how we might have an even greater kingdom impact with the resources consumed by that event if we apply them differently in the future.

We don’t expect every event to be financially profitable every year, as potential for growth and future impact are always considered.  And, the profitability of an event does not automatically trump other considerations when determining an event’s worth, as there are numerous events we could plan that would be financially beneficial but not align with our purpose.  An event that falls within the intersection where attendees’ goals are met, our purposes are accomplished, and we exhibit wise stewardship has the potential to greatly impact lives both now and in the future.


  1. Sherry Adkins says:

    Thank you, Robin for this. I never thought about feedback from our retreats. I will put this into practice this coming year. I plan to print surveys and hand them out on Satuday night to be returned to me by Sunday before everyone leaves. I do want everyone to enjoy & get what they came for…a blessing! If I can make a change for the better in anyway I can, bring it on. I am flexible as well as spiritual…LOL! Thanks again, Robin!!!

    • Sherry, glad you to see you’re planning to implement written evaluations for your future events. I think you will find the information very helpful when planning future events. You may also want to consider offering an online evaluation, emailed to participants immediately after the event ends.

  2. Feedback is a great idea to ensure that the events we bend over backwards preparing are achieving the set goal. I will definitely be implementing some of your tips. Thanks!

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