Christian Meeting Planning Resources – August Update

Here is what we’ve added in August by category


Don’t ever blend in…especially when marketing and selling!

How to really, really build your brand

Don’t make these social media mistakes!

5 more tips on how to plan and market your event (or party)

Who doesn’t want their event to go viral?

Site Selection

A dozen fun retreat (and camping) ideas for the whole family


Awesome season based event ideas for any retreat, meeting, event, or the like!

What are 4 different types of retreats?

Budget/Cost Savings

How to save some retreat planning money in 8 simple steps

Read these 49 tips to save money before planning your next meeting or conference

How to hire and train conference and retreat volunteers.

Meeting Planners

What planners can learn from the 2012 olympics

In depth and extremely helpful look on how to plan a retreat.

15 exceptionally useful websites to help plan an event.


I hope you find these helpful and remember we have many more than might interest you  in the Meeting Planner Resources section of the blog.


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