Are You Considering The 3 “When’s” When Planning Your Event?

I hope you have been following our series on the Who, What, When, Where and Why’s of Event Planning.  If you missed the first two on the  Who and the What, I hope you’ll check out these links now.  But as we are continuing on, the “When” also has three important factors to consider when planning your upcoming event.

They are:

  • When will the weather be ideal? Depending on where you’re going, the when in this equation is important. If you plan on going hiking in the afternoon to take a breather in between two intense speakers, you might not want to plan a trip for the middle of summer in Arizona or the middle of winter in Colorado. If you want to go skiing, well, do exactly the opposite of what I just said. You can even ask the venue staff if it rains extensively in June or if the snow is packed hard enough in January to fit your needs.
  • When can you get discounts? Who doesn’t love a great deal? Does the center you plan on renting have specials at certain times of the year? If you book the venue a few months early, will they knock 15% off the total price? Or, have you rented there before and repeat customers get discounts or extra amenities? Look into this, and don’t be afraid to ask.
  • When are other (competing) conferences booked? This is a 2-parter. First, when you’re thinking of a date, I suggest you have a few in mind; the venue might already be booked for the weekend you really want, but if you have a few more choices, you will be more likely to reserve a week or weekend that fits your schedule. Secondly, you want to make sure that you’re not booking your conference at the same time as another conference in your industry. Adding the stress of competition to your already important planning schedule will not make anything easier. This is an easy way to lose many potential attendees, which is the last thing you’d want!

Can you think of any other “When’s” that I’m missing?

Your Thoughts?