What's Hot, What's Not In 2011

Last month I posted links to a couple of articles dealing with meeting trend predictions for 2011 (read post here). Over the recent holidays, I had a chance to do a little Internet surfing and check out what more folks were saying about new meeting trends in 2011.

Most everyone seems to be agreement that technology will have the greatest impact on meetings and events in 2011. With that in mind, here are 5 “what’s hot, what’s not in 2011” items for you to consider:

  1. Conference phone apps vs Conference program books – The options for creating a conference phone app to replace printed program books are almost endless, limited only by your budget. However, with a little research, you can find free and low-cost options that could meet your needs.
  2. Collecting meeting date via wufoo.com vs Collecting data in Word documents – Wufoo is a site offering easy to use online HTML form builders, giving meeting planners the opportunity to collect and share data online, in real time.
  3. Creating a Prezi vs Creating PowerPoint presentations – Again, new technology that can help take presentations to the next level.
  4. Smart phone audience response vs Counting raised hands – Our pastor actually used this in church yesterday. He asked a series of 3 questions, people would text their responses and then we watched as totals on the screens were updated in real time.
  5. Water stations vs Water bottles – While not technology related, it is related to the 2nd most popular trend in meetings…going green. Not only is this one environmentally friendly, it could also save you money!

Curious. How are you planning to utilize new technology in your meetings or event in 2011?

Your Thoughts?