Too Busy For A Vacation?

A couple of months ago, Westin Hotels  released the results of study called “Wellness in Travel” (click here to read article). Bottom line was that most Americans want a vacation, but are too busy to take off work. 

Crazy, right? Or is it? Have you taken all of your vacation time this year, or have you thought “I’m just too busy right now”? Given the current state of the economy, it might also be that folks are concerned about their jobs and afraid to take off. Would that be you?

Here are the highlights of the study that show just how desperate we Americans are for time off:

  • 58% felt more in need of a vacation this year than last year.
  • 48% said they are happier and more positive in their workplaces and personal lives after taking a vacation, yet 64% said they had cancelled or postponed a vacation this year.
  • 41% said they usually require 3-4 days to unwind before they can really start to enjoy their vacation.
  • 67% said they feel healthier on vacation.
  • 64% said they sleep better while taking some time off.
  • 30% said they check in with their work every other day while on vacation, but 25% said they check in every hour. (I’m afraid I’m guilty of that “crackberry” addiction. What about you?)

And if that’s not enough to convince you to take some time off, a recent heart study revealed men who take regular vacations are 32% less likely to die of a heart attack and women who do not take vacations are up to 8x’s more likely to suffer from heart disease than those who take 2 vacation breaks a year.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy a little vacation before the end of the year!

Your Thoughts?