8 Ideas For Promoting Your Church Retreat

You’ve picked the location. The theme is nailed down and speakers lined up. Now all you have to do is sit back and get ready to enjoy a great retreat…right?

WRONG! All of those things are critical, but if you don’t also spend time on strategically promoting your retreat, you may end up with a great retreat that no one attends. Certainly not what anyone wants to see happen!

With that in mind, here are 8 ideas for helping to promote your upcoming church retreat. While certainly not an all inclusive list, hopefully these ideas will at least get you started.

  • Start your retreat promotion as early as possible. Four to six months out is a good time to begin. Be sure to include information on theme, speakers, dates, location and pricing.
  • Assign an idividual/team to promote the retreat via email and/or church website.
  • Consider offering a monthly payment plan so that potential attendees can avoid dealing with a large payment at the time of the event.
  • Consider offering an some type of early bird registration discount. This gives people an incentive to register early and helps you, the planner, gauge interest in the event.
  • Have excited attendess staff a registration table outside your sanctuary on Sunday mornings.
  • Encourage folks to sign up for an entire lodging room and then invite their friends to join them on the retreat.
  • Make follow up calls, or send follow up emails to those who have expressed interest in the retreat but who have not yet registered.
  • Enlist prayer warriors to pray for the retreat and the attendees by name. Prayer is powerful and we should never underestimate it. (At our conference centers, we have a team of employees who pray every week for the groups coming in that week.)

What other retreat promotion ideas do you have? What has worked well for you in the past that you could share? We’d love to hear them. Please feel free to add your ideas to the comment area below.


  1. Great site Byron! Hey…don’t forget about video. Having some videos posted on your church website about the event could be huge. You could have key influencers share on video about why they are going on the retreat. You could have the guest speaker share a few key “teasers” about what she/he will be sharing. You could make a pre-trip to the retreat site with the video camera and have some fun showing the rooms, the activities, etc. Some things to remember with video:
    – short…probably no more than a couple of minutes
    – authentic…which is to say non-scripted. Make the video heart-felt. Too slick will seem too fake
    – over the weeks leading up to the event have several videos for the viewer to choose from. Don’t take the older ones down when you post the newer ones
    Video is big and getting bigger online. Online, onscreen testimonials are huge. You can also use after-the-event testimonials to begin to build your marketing for next year’s event!

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