4 Ways To Introduce New Technology At Your Event

The CFO at my office has recently made the change to a MacBook Pro.  She’s been using a Windows machines for many years, and being in her 60’s, the transition has been easier than I expected.

Was this move necessary?  Probably not, but everybody else in the office is using a Mac, which made this a natural transition.

I tell you this story to not only brag on her, but to also encourage you.  If she can make this transition to new technologies, so can your event attendees.

It’s hard to try something new in technology like an app or a social network not knowing what kind of results you might get.  But let’s face it, the majority of our culture is app savvy and social media literate.

In a previous post, we discussed “does your event need an app?[EDITOR: Link to http://ministryservingministry.com/2012/12/17/does-your-event-need-an-app/#.UTa5W6XA6Vg] I think the answer is yes, but I also think there is a bit of education as far as your attendees are concerned.  There may also be some pulling of your audience in to the 2000’s.  Tough?  Yes.  Necessary?  You betcha!

How do you go about this education?

  1. Introduce the new technology early in advertising.  Make it front and center of your marketing campaign.  Keep reminding your attendees of it.
  2. Introduce the new technology early in your event.  Right at the start of your event, mention the new tech.  Keep mentioning often.
  3. Push special content that is only available in the new technology.  If the new tech is an app, put videos in there.  If it’s a social media component, push links to secret pages on your website or secret meetings.
  4. Keep pushing new technology at your event.  Pretty soon you’ll be so forward thinking, your attendees will start to expect the new technology.

Have you used new technologies at your events?  How have you introduced these?  Were your attendees receptive?

Your Thoughts?