Free Marketing, Facebook Changes & 5 Presentation Sins

Hopefully something in that title caught your interest! We’re constantly on the look out for fresh content we believe can be of help to our readers. Below are 3 articles I came across this week I felt could be helpful.

5 Presentation Sins Committed By Conference Speakers – As the meeting planner, are you responsible for booking speakers for your event? If so, be sure to check this article out. As a speaker, I found it to be helpful as well. Always good to know what not to do!

7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Organizations – Does your ministry/organization have a Facebook fan page? If so, are you aware of the major changes Facebook is implementing this month? This is a good article detailing how you can take advantage of these changes. If you’re not on Facebook with a fan page I would strongly suggest reading the article and then launching one.

9 Ways A Venue Can Help You Promote Your Event For Free – Chances are the marketing budget for your upcoming event or retreat is somewhere between slim and none. Don’t worry, there’s still hope! Here are some good suggestions on how you might be able partner with the facility hosting your retreat.

Any particular issues you’re currently dealing with in planning an upcoming event or retreat? If so, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.


Your Thoughts?